Award-Winning Photographer Neshama Roash: Saint Louis, MO

I graduated from the Art Institute of Colorado in 2003 and ran my portrait and event photography business, Firefly Universe, for over twenty years, but always dreamed of inspiring others through nature and landscape photography. 

I fell in love with the outdoors at a very young age during countless family hiking, camping, and canoeing adventures in Texas and Missouri where I grew up, and I continue to immerse myself in nature through camping, backpacking, and kayaking adventures with my husband and three children as often as possible. A family road trip in 2017 sparked an undeniable urge to spend more time creating consciously driven works of art that might remind us of our connection with Nature. 

After losing my little brother to pancreatic cancer in 2018, I realized I could not wait any longer to follow my dreams. I started traveling more to capture new images and began showing my work in nationally juried art shows in 2019 and internationally juried exhibitions and galleries in 2022, including exhibits such as "Art that Matters to the Planet: Interconnectivity," (Roger Tory Peterson Institute - Jamestown, New York) and "Wanderlust" (Webster Arts Gallery - St. Louis, Missouri). Although I have been honored with awards, my greatest sense of accomplishment comes from the connection I form with those who are moved by what I've co-created with the Source of all that exists.    

I look forward to sharing my work around the country and in local galleries, and, most importantly, I am excited to meet you!

With Love & Gratitude,