Award-Winning Photographer Neshama Roash: Saint Louis, MO

I fell in love with the outdoors at a very young age during countless family hiking, camping, and canoeing adventures in Texas and Missouri where I grew up and I continue to immerse myself in nature through camping, backpacking, and kayaking adventures with my husband and three children as often as possible. I earned a degree in photography from the Art Institute of Colorado in 2003 and have been running my portrait and event photography business, Firefly Universe, for seventeen years, but have always dreamed of inspiring others through nature and landscape photography. A family road trip in 2017 sparked an undeniable urge to begin creating consciously driven works of art to instill a love of nature in others. My most recent travels have taken me through Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Tennessee, and California. With images from these trips, I began exhibiting in juried art shows in September of 2019 and will continue to add to my portfolio by traveling to many more places in the coming years.

I am passionate about preserving the natural beauty that surrounds us so that it can be enjoyed by future generations. I hope that my work will motivate others to visit the gorgeous national and state parks within the United States of America, and that it will inspire others to work to protect our beautiful, ancient lands.

With Love & Gratitude,