Hi! I'm Neshama Roash, a photographic artist from St. Louis, Missouri. 

I began my college education as a psychology major, but my heart and soul yearned for adventure. I took a break from school to travel for a year and a half before ultimately returning to college and realizing my passion for photography while taking classes at Meramec Community College where I earned an Associate of Arts degree. I then went on to study photography exclusively and graduated from the Art Institute of Colorado with an Associate of Applied Science degree in 2003. I continue my learning through various online courses and by attending photography conventions and workshops across the United States. 

I have been running a successful portrait and event photography business, Firefly Universe, for sixteen years, but always dreamed of inspiring others through nature and landscape photography. I fell in love with the outdoors at a very young age, thanks to my parents, who took my brother and me on countless hiking, camping, and canoeing adventures in Texas and Missouri where we grew up. I continue to immerse myself in nature through camping, backpacking, and kayaking with my family and friends as often as possible. Although I often brought my camera on the family trips we've made over the last fourteen years, I only recently began bringing my tripod with me, as well, in order to create high-quality, large format works of art. After traveling through Missouri, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and California over the past two years, I debuted my collection of work, “Deserts and Waters," at art shows and in exhibits in September of 2019. Click on "Exhibits" to find out where I'll be showcasing my work in 2020. 

Thanks for stopping by!